Indian institute of research on Ayurvedic treatments in clinics

The university has a very large faculty researching methods of Ayurveda, testing ancient formulas, studying the properties of individual components of Ayurvedic formulations and herbs.

Our goal is to study the results of research, inform about the results our partners and customers in Europe and the USA.
We also aspire to develop a collaborative platform for a development and wider application of Ayurvedic health approach in Europe and the USA.

Munich Helmholtz research center

One of the most advanced research centers in Germany with unique equipments.
Our joint project formed to study Ayurvedic and European medical herbs to determine active components and their role in disease treatments.

We are inviting partners!
We invite indiviual or institutional researchers, integrative physicians and clinics committed to improving women's health and improve academic research specificly aimed at women's helath. Health enthusiasts willing to promote our project are also welcomed.