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«Nutrition and wellness»

DNA is not your destiny.  However,  it can be a good guide on your path to health and longevity. We work with selective partners for the best DNA tests on the market for wellness and nutrition.  
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Who needs it?

In a typical DNA test, you will see areas of your genes with respective polymorphisms which explains your epigenetic reaction to food, the exercise or supplements.
Women with eating disorders
Women with excess weight
If you want to optimise your health
For whose aiming at higher performance
Women who want to know genetic risks
Women with a hormonal problems

What is the nature of a test

How does it work?
The DNA test is based on the laboratory PCR method (polymerase chain reaction). Saliva is used as a material for analysis. During the study, a specific section of DNA is repeatedly duplicated with the help of enzymes, which allows highly accurate diagnostics
Principle of a test
The technique is based on nutrigenetics, which studies the relationship of our genes with nutritional habits. Each nutrient (fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, etc.) is absorbed by the body along a certain chain, which consists of proteins. They may be more active or less. There are a lot of such chains, so each of us assimilates different foods differently.
How can DNA test help me?
The DNA test "Nutrition and Wellness" gives you the opportunity to lead a healthy lifestyle that is right for you. Instead of standard recommendations and popular diets that can harm your body, you will follow an individual plan of action, eat food that suits you, nurture your body instead of exhausting it with unnecessary restrictions.
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Eating disorders correction
Selection of the type of food, development of a unique menu, rejection of products that are really harmful to you. At the same time, you will be able to consume most of your favorite dishes, because you no longer have to blindly follow the example of other people or unverified advice from the Internet. You will have your own instructions - what you can and cannot eat.
Personalized fitness
The rate of conversion of fat reserves into energy depends on genetic data. Testing allows you to choose the type of physical activity, taking into account the tendency to hereditary diseases. You will find out the optimal intensity and duration of physical activity, the training zone (heart rate), the number of workouts per week, as well as the sports that are right for you.
Reach personal goal
Losing weight, maintaining it, or gaining muscle mass - relying on the report, you can perform any of these tasks without harm to your health. We will develop three personalized diets for you to help you in safe and quick ways to bring your body into ideal condition at different periods of life, as well as provide you with three options for the daily diet of nutrients.
Energy and strength
Follow the recommendations of the report and increase your own productivity! You will be able to prolong your youth and preserve natural beauty, learn how to maintain your hair and skin in excellent condition, nourishing tissues from the inside, without expensive placebo in the form of cosmetics and dietary supplements.
Holistic benefits
Adding DNA test to your regular health care and check-ups will give you more than a blood test along. It can explain some of your symptoms and conditions which blood test will not show as its up to genes how you body will use elements or minerals circulating in your blood. Some of them, in spite of abundant presence in your blood, will not reach targeted cells in your body due to your genes variation.  

Examples of a report?

You get personalized recomendation for nutrition, exercises, preventive actions, supplementing and health areas at risk for closer monitoring.
The size of the report varies by provider and by the number of SNPs included in a particular DNA test offering. The typical report consists of 40 to 90 pages and includes from 20 to 80 SNPs.
DNA test can add personalization to your health program and our specialist can tailor your experience even better to your biology.
  • Which nutritional plan is the best for you
  • You eating style
  • Metabolism particularities
  • Vitamins' absorption
  • Food allergies
  • Selective health risks
  • Physical exercises and sport
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Own methodology and holistic approach

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Results of our clients

Thank you Marina, not only for the mass of knowledge that I received, but for the most important thing - I again fell in love with myself and believed in myself. Personal communication with you throughout the course, motivation, homework, checklists, a bunch of useful recipes, everything was thought out and worked for me. I realized that healthy food can be delicious, quick to prepare, and very inexpensive. In ten days, 1 kilogram went away without much effort. A start has been made, I like this path. And most importantly, I know that if I need support, I can always contact you.
Daria , 36 years
New York

My thyroid gland is working very poorly, the diagnosis is "autoimmune thyroiditis". Recently, on the recommendation of Marina, I passed a DNA test and after receiving the results I was with her for a consultation. She explained to me everything in a very accessible way, what and how I should do. She gave recommendations on lifestyle and physical activity, recommended Ayurvedic preparations. I followed all her recommendations within a month. To check how my thyroid gland is working, I did repeated tests and was very surprised. I haven't seen such results for over a year. Thank you very much Marina for choosing the complex treatment for me so competently.

Alexandra , 25 years

Good afternoon, Marina! I would like to thank you for the valuable information I received from your Hormonal Nutrition course. I initially enrolled in the course not in order to lose weight, but to gain more knowledge on the topic of healthy eating for hormonal imbalances. Nowadays, it is very difficult to choose the important and valuable tips in the information jungle. After completing your 8-week course, everything was very clearly systematized. I learned how to choose and buy products correctly, learned many new, inexpensive, healthy recipes. In 8 weeks, I lost 4.5 kilograms (although at my age it is not easy at all), simply by changing the quality of food. Further I will continue only in this way. Thank you very much! Viktoria K, London

Victoria , 70 years
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