Green smoothies


Green cocktails are very popular now.

And for good reason. It's healthy, tasty, and quite satisfying!

Green smoothies, unlike berry ones, primarily imply the presence of vegetables and herbs, therefore they contain very little sugar, but a lot of fiber, vitamins and minerals.

They contribute to natural weight loss, strengthen the immune system, provide the body with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber.

Of course, you can make a smoothie with whatever is on hand (fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts). I'll share with you a few of your favorite recipes.

First recipe

  1. Frozen banana - 1

  2. Young spinach leaves - 2 cups

  3. Freshly squeezed orange or grapefruit juice — 1 cup

  4. Natural vanilla extract - 0.5 tsp.

  5. Chia seeds — 1 tbsp.

Second recipe

  1. Fresh spinach - 2 cups

  2. Filtered water - 2 glasses

  3. Kefir - 2 glasses

  4. Frozen mango pieces - 1 cup

  5. Kiwi - 2 pcs.

  6. Pear - 1 pc.

  7. Ground flaxseeds - 2 tablespoons

  8. Chia seeds - 2 tablespoons

Whisk, enjoy and healthier! What could be easier?

Do you have your favorite smoothie recipe?

We all need ways to include as many fruits and vegetables as possible in our diet. And smoothies are a great way to do it!