What oil to choose for frying


This question worries many. Although I do not recommend frying, there are many healthy dishes where you need to lightly fry the ingredients and then stew. How to choose the right cooking oil?

Read carefully and save!

The main thing that matters here is how easily the oil oxidizes or burns out when heated. When oxidized, the oil turns into a product that is unhealthy. The lower the oxidation temperature, the less oil is suitable for frying.

I advise you to choose one of these oils for frying:



  • Pleasant taste
  • Easily tolerates high temperatures
  • Very beneficial for the body due to the presence of fatty acids

Due to the special composition of coconut oil, the human body prefers to use its calories for the current needs of metabolism, and not for preservation in fat reserves (of course, when consumed in adequate quantities). In addition, the fats of coconut oil are used to synthesize a number of hormones.


Better for frying than other vegetable oils
To prevent regular butter from burning and blackening when cooking, you have to either fry over low heat or use ghee, which is cleaner.

The Indian name for ghee is ghee. You can either buy it or cook it yourself.

In one of the following publications, I will tell you in more detail and give a recipe for making ghee oil.



  • Extremely resistant to oxidation when heated
  • Good for the body

Important! Use oil of the first cold pressing and the lowest acidity (no more than 0.8, ideally 0.3 or less).

Read the stickers carefully. It is better not to buy cheap olive oils at all, there will be no benefit from them.

Which oil is best not to use?

Sunflower, soybean, corn, safflower, linseed and rapeseed oils are vegetable oils that are not resistant to heat and will release more harmful free radicals during cooking.
This can cause an inflammatory reaction in the circulatory system, as well as in the liver, kidneys, lungs, intestines, and in general have a negative effect on human health.

Take your choice of oil for frying seriously. Your health is in your hands.
And you, my dears, what oils do you use?