Happy new year!

2020 was a difficult year for many, to put it mildly.

According to statistics from many countries, during the coronavirus, 27% of people gained weight, began to eat more, move less, and their stress level increased. 

According to experts, the impact of 2020 on the health, weight and appearance of many people will still echo for several years.

Probably, many of you also had a difficult year, although I am sure that there are those who have had positive changes in the coronavirus. For some, business has improved as people have gone online, while for others, working from home has made it possible to solve long-standing cases or spend more time with their family.

For me, the year was mixed. The coronavirus, spent in Moscow for five months due to the coronavirus, instead of the planned one, greatly influenced my affairs in France. Not everything turned out the way I wanted, in work and projects. Fortunately, I achieved my health and fitness goal! 

The coming year is the year of the silver bull. I wish all of you to tune in to appease this animal starting from New Year's Eve and continue throughout the year.
Believe me, he will thank you with both successes in business and health.

The bull loves vegetables, herbs and fruits - exactly what I recommend everyone to add to their diet, even if you leave the rest of all components of your diet unchanged.

This action alone will significantly improve your health.

Set small goals in life and health, and achieve them slowly and steadily, despite short setbacks or temporary reverses to old habits.

I wish you health, good luck, resistance to stress and faith in yourself in the new year!

Spend the New Year with your loved ones, eating healthy treats and dancing, walking down the street, or just fooling around at home with your kids or friends.  
Movement is life!

Move towards health, love, career goals and self-realization!
See you in the New Year 2021! 

Marina Vieva