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Uniques approach based on research

27 years of experience

Ultra-personalized integrative approach

We strive to help you become healthier, leaner and happier.

Our goal

BeYoungBrands is a unique methodology and technology. We do not use general recommendations, but create programs based on personal information about each client. As a result, you receive personalized instructions for improving health, preventing disease, rejuvenating, increasing energy and stress resistance.

Our values

Personalization, targeted recommendations
Holistic approach and analysis of a situation
Scientific justification for all recommendations
Application of safe alternative techniques
Full guidance, support and coaching
Long-term vision for healthspan

Our Mission

The company's mission is to improve health of as many people as possible, to provide information and tools to live longer and disease-free. We create plans and tools which help preserve health, increase healthspan and to be happier.

Our history


The first experiments of the author of courses with diets, fasting, hardening, and weight loss.

At the age of 17, Marina, trying to fight overweight and constant emotional overeating, begins to try different diets and fasting. Marina literally tortures herself and gets a stomach ulcer. The first experience and the first conclusions are made.

Current modern research has proved that diets and uncontrolled restriction of calories and fasting lead not only to even stronger eating disorders but also to health disorders including digestive and hormonal systems.

Marina Vieva moves to Greece and switches to a Mediterranean diet. She continues to study diets, begins to study and practice yoga and yoga therapy. The first acquaintance with acupuncture and Chinese traditional medicine.

A change in diet with fewer carbohydrates, sugar, and meat products, helps Marina to maintain weight and stay in perfect physical shape.

Eating a wide variety of vegetables, fish and legumes do the job of improving Marina's appearance, weight, and health. The first long period of detox completely rid the body of toxins accumulated over two decades of food addiction and malnutrition.

Her energy levels and health are better than ever!

A start of a fascinating relationship with Ayurveda and the ancient approach to prevention, treatment, and rejuvenation of the body. Marina moves to Germany, where she will also have a close acquaintance with homeopathy and its effect on the human body.

The beginning of the path to research in the quality of food products, the quality, and composition of personal and household cosmetics.

Marina is faced with a situation where the climate, cultural traditions, and environment make it difficult to maintain the usual Mediterranean diet and lifestyle. She is in search of tools and adaptation to the current situation. This experience led to the development of a scheme for combining a Mediterranean and Ayurvedic diet for use in cold climates.

10-year travel period with study and work. During her trips and stay in the United States, Marina learned from her own experience the problem with the so-called "Standard Western Diet". Even though such food has started to take up more and more shelves in Europe, nowhere it is so apparent and pervasive as in the United States.

“No matter how much I ate during my stay in the United States, I remained hungry and my body demanded the intake of nutrients that it did not receive".
As a result, Marina began to study American research on food, proposed diets, and began to follow leading scientists and doctors who speak frankly about the quality of food, about the methods and principles of advertising and food production.

During this period, Marina began to make her own skincare cosmetics, which she still to preserve her youthful skin. "The combination of my approach to food, lifestyle, and personal care gives me the opportunity not only to reduce the harmful factors of life and stress but also to reverse them while staying younger and healthier than my passport age."

The onset of research on longevity, genetics, and rejuvenation.
Marina analyzes and compares the main methods used, their results, and new scientific data.

Trips to India and Sri Lanka took place, where Marina once again plunged into the world of Ayurveda and, with new experience and vision, began to apply these techniques for herself and her clients.

"The combination of nutrition, genetic data, the latest scientific developments, and the best methods of alternative medicine is the recipe for youth and longevity."

"If we talk about Ayurveda, then nothing can compare with the classical and correct Panchakarma in the natural rejuvenation of the body. If we talk about energy, then, in my opinion, there is no equal to the Chinese practices of Tai Chi and Qigong, which are fundamentally different from yoga."
Marina's move to France and the start of the BeYoungBrands project, which aims to create a system for the prevention of diseases, rejuvenation, and strengthening of the body through the sequential application of different methods, from the easiest, such as changing the diet and playing sports, to the most advanced - passing DNA tests, extended functional diagnostics and the use of innovative nutraceuticals.

The first partnerships are being created - with the University of Bordeaux (for the study of the properties and genetics of herbs and products), with a research institute in India (for the study of Ayurvedic drugs for diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and degenerative disorders), with a research institute in Germany to find the optimal formula for Ayurvedic preparations based on herbs approved for use in Europe. 

Marina begins to study nutrigenomics, nutrigenetics, and DNA test application for wellness and prevention. 

“I myself was previously skeptical about DNA tests. For professional and research purposes, I did 4 different tests. After analyzing the results and comparing all of them with my health and my methods, I came to the conclusion that DNA tests are a very valuable tool in the management of longevity and health".

Indeed, despite my 25 years of experience and knowledge, there were facts about my health that were never shown by any analysis, and doctors could not see and correct my genetic predisposition to low metabolism of magnesium, vitamin D, serotonin, and vitamin B12.

"It was only after completing these tests when I was able to add the missing elements to my nutritional plans and get a noticeable increase in energy and overall well-being. "

The concept has been developed for an innovative application for women's health, which will allow a large number of people to gain access to methods and tools that will help improve health, carry out preventive measures, prevent old age and rejuvenate the body.

Marina meets Prakhar, a young and talented software developer and they start working together on building and application. 

The application is based on thousands of research and development, will use artificial intelligence. The users of this application can be both end-users and physicians working in the paradigm of functional and integrative medicine.

The application will enable any women not only to learn about hormones and health, to achieve personal results, or to track important monthly events, but also to save their entries, activities, and symptoms and to share it with a doctor of choice. 

Creator of a concept

For 27 years Marina has been a successful bio-hacker and several years ago she decided what she wants to share her knowledge to improve the quality of life of much more people than she could influence in her immediate environment.  

In the last 5 years Marina has studied in the USA, Germany, Canada and France, has expaded her experience as a life and wellness coach.  

At the same period, she was certified as specialist an integrative nutritional coach  (USA, IIN) and as an expert in clinical nutrition (England, The Health Science Academy).

Marina has also acquired a specialisation  in microbiome health and in the interpretation of genetic tests for health and longevity.  

We provide full personalization and support helping you to achieve the goal in hormonal and general health and wellness. 

I can assure you that if you follow at least 50% of our recommendations, your body will start the process of self-regulation and self-healing. You will feel better and your energy will increase. 
My approach is ultra-personalized and tailored to your bio-individuality. There is no limit to when you can start improving health.

Even if you start taking care of your health at a very mature age, the result will be visible and, over time, very significant.

The author's methodology is based on gradual changes in diet and lifestyle. These changes are structured and occur in such a way that, first of all, they are easy to use and have a direct impact on your well-being and health, and, secondly, they have a long-term effect and become a part of your life.
Marina Vieva
Nutritionist and wellness coach.

Our team

We build a team of professionals with experience in preventive medicine, nutrition, and wellness. For gynecological topics, we are creating a listing for accredited physicians and clinics. Our goal is to involve the best mind in each field in order to integrate collective knowledge for the benefits of a user.
Svetla Charkevich
Svetla Charkevich
Fitness coach, master trainer
Katherin Petrovich
Katherin Petrovich
Gynecologist, MD
Katherin Kokot
Katherin Kokot
Preventive medicine, MD




Results of our clients

Thank you Marina, not only for the mass of knowledge that I received, but for the most important thing - I again fell in love with myself and believed in myself. Personal communication with you throughout the course, motivation, homework, checklists, a bunch of useful recipes, everything was thought out and worked for me. I realized that healthy food can be delicious, quick to prepare, and very inexpensive. In ten days, 1 kilogram went away without much effort. A start has been made, I like this path. And most importantly, I know that if I need support, I can always contact you.
Daria , 36 years
New York

My thyroid gland is working very poorly, the diagnosis is "autoimmune thyroiditis". Recently, on the recommendation of Marina, I passed a DNA test and after receiving the results I was with her for a consultation. She explained to me everything in a very accessible way, what and how I should do. She gave recommendations on lifestyle and physical activity, recommended Ayurvedic preparations. I followed all her recommendations within a month. To check how my thyroid gland is working, I did repeated tests and was very surprised. I haven't seen such results for over a year. Thank you very much Marina for choosing the complex treatment for me so competently.

Alexandra , 25 years

Good afternoon, Marina! I would like to thank you for the valuable information I received from your Hormonal Nutrition course. I initially enrolled in the course not in order to lose weight, but to gain more knowledge on the topic of healthy eating for hormonal imbalances. Nowadays, it is very difficult to choose the important and valuable tips in the information jungle. After completing your 8-week course, everything was very clearly systematized. I learned how to choose and buy products correctly, learned many new, inexpensive, healthy recipes. In 8 weeks, I lost 4.5 kilograms (although at my age it is not easy at all), simply by changing the quality of food. Further I will continue only in this way. Thank you very much! Viktoria K, London

Victoria , 70 years
Subsribe to news and practical information