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The ultra-personalized plans powered by science and daily support.

All power is yours and you have always had it! The key to success is your own bio-individuality reinforced by science, technology and daily support. We develop a system and platform designed with a woman and female body in mind. No more shame or confusion about hormones and fertility.

  • 25 of experience
  • 3 years of research
  • 10 countries' diet and lifestyle experience

My name is Marina Vieva and I started my journey to hormonal health and lean body 27 years ago. During this time I have explored and applied different diets, alternative and conventional methods to balance hormones, reduce weight, manage chronic diseases, rejuvenate body and mind. Today my goal is to share knowledge and practical secrets supported by recent research. I hope to improve the quality of life of as many women as possible and to provide women with support, knowledge and tools to live happier and longer lives.

  • 15,023 scientific papers analyzed
  • 25 years of results, 10 countiries, 3 years of research
  • Ultra-personalized and integrative method powered by technology.

The truly personalized and integrative method

While so many companies and applications offer "one-size-fit-all" solutions or very limited options based on pre-defined diets, we offer customized and tailored solutions to fit your lifestyle. It can be as simple as using several nutrition and lifestyle changes and as complex as taking all personal and family health history, performing laboratory tests for DNA, microbiomes, biomarkers, as well as support from our panel physicians. We strive to promote women's health and advocate more research which includes women, to eliminate decades of lacking research in the area of women's health and women-specific treatments and approaches in all aspects of health - nutrition, exercise, medication, treatment and supplements.
We use nutrition and exercise as medicine, we learn your history and life-style, we adapt our program to your needs.
We use ancient techniques of Ayurveda, TCM, qi gong, tai-chi and tibetian secrets to prolong life and rejuvenate the body.
We connect you with the best physicians to address medical conditions or to do check-ups to optimize our programs.
We build fully customized plans with variable bi-weekly targets and reviews, full support and feedback.

What do we offer?

Fertility and hormone balance boost in 120 days
Ultra-personalized program to boost femininity, reduce weight, take control of hormonal balance.
«Nutrition and wellness»
DNA is not your destiny.  However,  it can be a good guide on your path to health and longevity. We work with selective partners for the best DNA tests on the market for wellness and nutrition.  

And many many more: updates on recent research, educational materials for self-help, coaching, real time support, preventive recommendations and check-lists, private club for exclusive content and sessions.

Real results?

Our method is rooted in many years of practice, science and ancient wisdom. We help women to reach life's goals via improved hormonal, physical and mental health, elevate vitality and self-confidence. Nutritional and life-style changes work better in combination with motivation and daily support.
Optimal weight and improved body composition
Optimised hormones and fertility
Rejuvenated systems and beauty
Reduced risk of age-related conditions
Slowed down aging process
Increased chances of successful pregnancy
Lest talk about your health and goals. Get 30-minutes free consultation.

Which topics are addressed by our programs?

Tired of chronic fatigue, low energy and sub-optimal memory capacity
You know that you run several genetic risks and look for a solution to avoid them
You have repeatedly noticed what your hormones are of balance
You dream about lean body without exhausting and harmful diets
You have difficulty in adopting new habits or maintaing optimal weight
Which topics are addressed by our programs?
In our approach we apply the principles of 5P medicine, or precision medicine of the future. There are areas in which doctors are the leaders, but our team are by your side to define and accompy you at each step of nutritional and lifestyle change or a new habit adaptation. We apply positive psychology in every phase of each program.

What is 5P medicine and how it can help you?

Medicine of the future is the ultimate individual approach fully involving a person in the process of health recovery and preventive health. It includes recommendations based on DNA, lifestyle and many other factors. The new model no longer offers general health recommendations, but a whole strategy for preserving the health of a particular person. These technologies can affect the quality and duration of life.
Tired of common programs not fit for your bio-individuality and lifestyle?
Our progrmas are fully customized to your needs!
Precision medicine
The 5th P is not yet uniformaly defined. Some sources call it Positive, another Precision which differs from presonalized, yet third will name it Pertinent.
In general, it refers to applying even more precise and to the smallest biological detail customized methods based on science, big data and enpowered by technological advances.
Personalized medicine
Personalized medicine refers to the tailoring of medical treatment to the individual characteristics of each patient and of each particular combination of factors.
Preventive medicine
Approach which allows to analyze and apply a preventive protocols in order to avoid developing genetically or environmentally predisposed diseases.
Methods will include nutritional and lifestyle modifications, prophylactic treatments and alternative cures, better choice and administration of medications for current conditions.
Predictive medicine
Predictive medicine is based on a predicting a possibility for developing certain conditions based on deep analysis of DNA, biomarkers, lifestyle and other environmental and social factors.
Participating medicine
Patient should be the center of the whole process in a healthcare system. It is not the situation as of today. We are still dreaming about customer-centric healthcare.
Envolvement of a patient in important steps of  treatment's choice is critical for an outcome.  Engagement  is one the the most influential factors of a positive outcome.
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Ayurveda and TCM in healing, prevention and rejuvenation

Eastern healers view the human body as a single system in which everything is interconnected. They eliminate not a symptom, but a cause, restoring the harmony of the body. Ayurveda is a proven holistic system for the treatment of chronic diseases. Ayurveda treats inbalances in body, spirit and soul.

We adapt Ayurvedic and Chinese traditional medicine's best practices and lifestyle recommendations to your particular situation. We offer simple and easy to follow programs which build slowly over several weeks or months! You will not need to understand complex terms  or search for information on the Internet. Take just 15 minutes a day to complete activities in your program!

Practicing, even ocasionally, yoga, tai chi or qi gong will give you a competitive advantage not only over your classmate but also over your genes.
You will be geniully suprsied about strenghts and a power for healing and rejuvenation you have inside!
When Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine are combined with modern science, DNA tests, technology  nutrigenomics and adopted lifestyle we get the holy grail for youth an healthspan!  Just start with baby steps, adding one simple practice or habit every 2-4 weeks.  
I apply Ayurveda and TCM over two decades. The results I am getting for my clients and myself are quick, easy to implement,  accumulate over time and result in healthier, younger and longer life.
Marina Vieva
Integrative Nutritionist, founder of BeYoungBrands
Many ayurvedic and TCM herbal treatments are proved by science today. Many others are under research as western clinicians want to understand why Ayurveda and TCM are much more successful with treating chronic and difficult conditions than conventional medicine is today.

Ayurvedic dosha types are linked to early genetic differentiation method

There is a concept of doshas in Ayurveda which is used as basis to first differentiation in lifestyle and nutritional recommendation for a person. Doshas descrive a person in terms of physical appearance, diseases predispositions and lifestyle to be applied in order to prserme Все физические особенности человека, умственные способности и эмоции можно объяснить с помощью трех дош. Мы учитываем основные факторы человеческого тела и помогаем восстановить организм путем гармонизации ваты, питты и капхи
Movement, nervious system.
Ferments function, hormones, digestion.
Scelet, anabolic system.

Selected research articles

Results of our clients

Thank you Marina, not only for the mass of knowledge that I received, but for the most important thing - I again fell in love with myself and believed in myself. Personal communication with you throughout the course, motivation, homework, checklists, a bunch of useful recipes, everything was thought out and worked for me. I realized that healthy food can be delicious, quick to prepare, and very inexpensive. In ten days, 1 kilogram went away without much effort. A start has been made, I like this path. And most importantly, I know that if I need support, I can always contact you.
Daria , 36 years
New York

My thyroid gland is working very poorly, the diagnosis is "autoimmune thyroiditis". Recently, on the recommendation of Marina, I passed a DNA test and after receiving the results I was with her for a consultation. She explained to me everything in a very accessible way, what and how I should do. She gave recommendations on lifestyle and physical activity, recommended Ayurvedic preparations. I followed all her recommendations within a month. To check how my thyroid gland is working, I did repeated tests and was very surprised. I haven't seen such results for over a year. Thank you very much Marina for choosing the complex treatment for me so competently.

Alexandra , 25 years

Good afternoon, Marina! I would like to thank you for the valuable information I received from your Hormonal Nutrition course. I initially enrolled in the course not in order to lose weight, but to gain more knowledge on the topic of healthy eating for hormonal imbalances. Nowadays, it is very difficult to choose the important and valuable tips in the information jungle. After completing your 8-week course, everything was very clearly systematized. I learned how to choose and buy products correctly, learned many new, inexpensive, healthy recipes. In 8 weeks, I lost 4.5 kilograms (although at my age it is not easy at all), simply by changing the quality of food. Further I will continue only in this way. Thank you very much! Viktoria K, London

Victoria , 70 years
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